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Career Opportunities

Content and Community Intern

Your role will be to engage with our learners and spearhead Proftrack in the social media space. Being a highly motivated, independent and driven individual you will boldly build and implement programs to grow and cultivate a band of loyal Proftrack fans and ambassadors through a good content plan and use of a mix of social media platforms.


  • A good content strategy is core to any successful social media engagement. Learn and understand Proftrack’s ideals, listen to the audience to gain a deep understanding into the reasons for which people wants to engage with us and design a sustainable content and social media plan. Newsletters, blogs, tweets, videos etc, build these into your mix as you develop your strategy.


  • You will be managing our Social Media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities include creating, curating and managing relevant published content to reach our targeted users (written, images and videos).
  • The key here is to listen, listen and listen further. You need to be a great listener, respond, ask questions and engage with our users. People will ask questions and you should not only be an expert of Proftrack but also an advocate of our Mission, Vision and Values to help our users move one step closer to achieve their learning goals.
  • You should also aim to foresee any potential negative or crisis situation, identify and apply conflict resolution principles to mitigate issues.


  • Building awareness of Proftrack is central in this role. To know if your plan has been successful, metrics are important to keep you on track. You will need to analyze your time, effort and budget to determine if your efforts succeeded. Generating incremental web traffic and increasing the amount of users will be some metrics that you could use to determine the effectiveness of your programs.

 You have/are:

  • Excellent writing skills and are passionate about copy and content. You love words and have a strong command of the English language. Knowledge of written German is a plus.
  • Good online etiquette and demonstrate strong interest, creativity and documented immersion in Social Media (Blogging, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.). Proficiency in sourcing, managing content and publishing is crucial. Are you already actively blogging or posting on social media? Share with us your links as examples.
  • Good with people and have the passion to understand and find solutions catered to the needs of our users. Preferably, you have a strong passion in learning or in the field of education or learning and development
  • Results-oriented, a strong analytical mind in understanding metrics and demonstrate using the effectiveness of your work through the use of data.
  • A team player with the confidence to take the lead and guide other team members when necessary.
  • Not afraid of technology and are able to pick up new tools and platforms quickly. Knowledge of SEO including keyword and research is a plus.
  • Holding a Marketing degree is a bonus but not compulsory.

This position is a paid internship position and you will have the opportunity to attend Social Media, blogging and industry-specific conferences. At Proftrack, the learning never ends, the role is not limited to above job description. If you are eager to learn more and are keen to explore beyond the above, we are more than to happy to explore your interests.

If you are interested in joining us, please send us your CV and other relevant information to info@proftrack.com with the title “Content and Community Intern”.