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Data Science Retreat (DSR)


April 18, 2016


3 months




EUR 10,000


EUR 10,000


Classroom-based course




Basic programming experience and familiarity with databases. Exercises will be in R or Python. You'd need to have a basic understanding of at least one of these languages.

Data Science Retreat (DSR) helps coders or people with significant quantitative training (e.g. science, engineering, or math graduates) ramp-up quickly for a career in data science – arguably the fastest-growing, highest-demand profession. DSR is a 3-month, rigorous, and full-time/intensive course in the startup-capital of Europe: Berlin. Learn software engineering, data science, and business communication faster and more deeply with mentors doing code reviews plus pair-programming – all on real-world data and valuable problems. You will develop a portfolio project, demonstrating you can own a business problem, solve it, and communicate why your results are definitive.

You bring your training, tuition, and drive to master our curriculum alongside their world-class mentors and partners. Towards the end, DSR provides a networking event with top-tier technology companies, where you will show off your new skills and portfolio project, likely leaving with a career-changing job.

If you have attended DSR, please share your experience here.

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  • Eugen Yu
    May 30, 2016 at 8:34 am
    What have they done well?

    I found out about DSR from the magazine Heisse IX. As compared to other courses, the format of DSR works for me as the 3 months are blocked and the focus for this 3 months is just on learning. The retreat also provides a network of professionals in Data Science and allows us to gain different perspectives through working with them in the portfolio projects. Another plus point of DSR is that they provide a good broad overview where we learn the most updated versions of packages / platforms through practical examples and applications.

    What can they do better?

    It would be good to see how the topics can be even further linked with practical applications.

  • Alessandro
    June 1, 2016 at 7:11 am
    What have they done well?

    I found out about DSR from a friend. DSR provides a good solution to learn intensively in a short period of time from experts and mentors by working with them on projects to solve real life problems using popular methodologies. Through the portfolio projects, DSR also helps build credibility for new roles in Data Science.

    What can they do better?

    So far it was a little intense on the theories but as I’m only mid way through the retreat, I look forward to learning more practical applications for example through the portfolio project.

  • Irio
    June 7, 2016 at 12:58 pm
    What have they done well?

    I found out about DSR over a blog post. I compared different providers and after talking to the prior cohort I decided to come to Berlin. The environment at DSR is great. We have a very diverse group from different backgrounds. If we face a challenge, we can come to each other for help and use the expertise from the others. DSR's curriculum with a strong focus on Data Science and in addition preselecting participants who have a prior know how in coding is great. The DSR team is also really competent and helpful. Even though the time here is really intense. I am not regretting my decision to join DSR.

    What can they do better?

    I expected more mentorship. Since I am working on a more advanced project, it would be better to have more input upfront, before starting the portfolio project. Instead of starting after 1/3 of the Bootcamp starting in the middle of it would be better.

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