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HR Technology Demo Day


3 July, 2015


One day


GLS Sprachenzentrum, Kastanienallee 82, 10435, Berlin


USD 349.00


USD 349.00
(Get 50% off with code: codility50)





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HR TechTank

July 3rd, 2015 six most promising HR Tech companies in Western Europe will present and discuss their products with investors and industry thought leaders.

The purpose of #HRTechTank is to connect, educate and promote innovators in the Human Resource Management & Recruitment software space. They invite:
– Investors that have experience investing in the space;
– Early adopters, interested in exploring new technologies; and
– Thought leaders who are willing to support and endorse emerging products

And facilitate intros between those groups of people and startups. In addition to meeting your future investors and clients, on July 3rd you will join practical discussions about expectations that buyers have towards HR tech products, best sales channels and growth tactics, customer success and sales excellence. You will as well learn how to scale a great sales team, get access to HR data, boost a B2B company and hear investors talk about their perspective on HR technology.

In line with the unconference theme #HRTechTank is not a typical bootcamp or pitching event and certainly not a competition but a real opportunity to discuss and share ideas with the brightest minds in our industry.

The following companies had been selected to present:

  • LoopLine – a lightweight cloud solution for managing performance reviews that helps companies to gain actionable insights into employee performance and satisfaction;
  • TalentWunder – a sourcing tool that leverages social network data and big data analysis to help companies identify and hire the best talent;
  • Codility – an automated tool for assessment of programming skills designed for software development companies and corporations with high demand (telco, finance) in tech people;
  • Joberate – the company’s technology tracks people’s publicly available digital footprint, which includes their public Social Media data, to measure and quantify each individual’s job seeking activities.
  • SkillHero – a SaaS-Solution that integrates mobile coaching in existing corporate trainings to support training participants in changing behaviour, thereby increasing customer value for training providers and impact of corporate training for companies.

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